Judge’s order blocks movement of Edenton (NC) monument

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(The Daily Reflector) Even though Edenton Town Council approved moving the town’s Confederate Monument to a new site a month ago, the controversial marker can’t be relocated because of a restraining order imposed by a Superior Court judge.

Town officials acknowledged Wednesday that an order signed by Senior Resident Superior Court Judge Jerry Tillett March 24 is preventing the monument’s relocation from South Broad Street to Hollowell Park on West Queen Street.

“While Council has already taken action, and we are both eager and committed to move forward, we are currently under court order that prohibits any monument movement, so we urge any concerned residents to please exercise patience as we move through this situation,” Town Manager Corey Gooden said in a statement.

The statement notes that “recent publications have accused the town of not taking any action” to remove the monument. The statement didn’t cite specifics, but a group called the “Concerned Citizens of Edenton” published a paid ad in the April 15th edition of the Chowan Herald that said the following…

Judge’s order blocks movement of monument | Local News | reflector.com