Ky. Supreme Court to review suit seeking return of Confederate soldier’s statue to historic neighborhood

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Despite allegations that John B. Castleman’s remarks aided in the segregation of Louisville parks, others argued he worked to keep the city’s parks and playgrounds open to Black residents.

(The Grio) The Kentucky Supreme Court will consider restoring the statue of Confederate soldier John B. Castleman to Cherokee Triangle two years after it was removed.
A group called Friends of Louisville Public Art appealed to the state’s high court, arguing that two of the commissioners, who in 2019 cast votes to remove the “local landmark,” were “biased” and “partial” because they were employed by Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer, as reported by The Courier Journal.
Fischer had been outspoken in his support for removing the statue, once describing its depiction of Castleman mounted on a horse wearing civilian attire as a representation of “racist or bigoted ideology.”
According to an order earlier this month, the Kentucky Supreme Court will review — and rule on — the FOLPA lawsuit…Read the rest at the Grio