Milledgeville, GA City Council to address possible removal of Confederate statue

(OMG! The greivance mafia at the naacp wrote a letter! The world will end if we don’t do something -DD)

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(Union-Recorder) Whether a Confederate statue in downtown Milledgeville stays or goes may soon be left up to members of City Council to decide.

Milledgeville Mayor Mary Parham-Copelan told members of council at Tuesday’s work session that the city had received a letter from the Baldwin County branch of the NAACP some time ago requesting the city consider removing the statue.

“Really and truly, I want to see what we come up with as a council to see how we feel about it first,” Parham-Copelan said.

The mayor said she had discussed the matter with city attorney Jimmy Jordan, as well as with the Athens mayor and other officials in surrounding areas.

Parham-Copelan said she had talked with each of them to gain knowledge about the options and alternatives for removing statues.

She said she will meet soon with City Manager Hank Griffeth, city attorney Jordan and others to discuss the request further.

The mayor said officials with the NAACP had requested that the statute be moved to a local cemetery or into a museum.

The Confederate statue was vandalized last…

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