Montgomery School Re-Naming not Fast Enough for Leftists

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2 years after a pledge to rename Confederate-named schools, some students left wondering when will the change come

(CNN) Montgomery, Alabama-Shortly after the US Supreme Court ordered schools to desegregate in 1954, Robert E. Lee High School in Montgomery, Alabama, opened.
Brown vs Board Education angered White segregationists at the time, and the school and others across the South were a result of the opposition to desegregation. Decades later, controversial buildings, especially Confederate monuments and schools named after Confederate figures, throughout the South have been the subject of debate. Montgomery – the birthplace of the civil rights movement – is no different.
In response to the death of George Floyd in 2020, many of these districts across the South and beyond pledged to rename schools that were named after Confederate leaders. More than two years after America’s racial reckoning, some have been renamed.
But in Montgomery – a school district that is 80% African American – the names Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis and Sidney Lanier remain on three high schools.
When protesters brought down the statue of Robert E. Lee in front of the school that bears his name in 2020, Clare Weil, the county board of education chair, called it a turning point…Read the rest