NCDOT planning Freeway through hallowed ground

(Just a place where Confederates kicked some Arse. Too Bad the 54th Mass didn’t have a privy there. Then the site would be sacrosanct – DD)

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(Mike Parker, Neuse News) On Friday, March 3, I returned to my post at the Kinston-Lenoir County Information and Visitor Center after being out for two months following my surgery on January 5. The Visitor Center has a limited amount of traffic this time of year. After all, only a few people are heading to the beach this time of year.

But whether the center is busy or nearly deserted, frequent visitors stop in looking for information about the Civil War history of our area. Most locals know Kinston was the site of a battle in December 1862. Most also know that a second battle, the Battle of Wyse Fork or Southwest Creek, occurred from March 8-10, 1865. The center has maps of driving tours for those interested in visiting these battle sites. We also have some books about Wyse’s Fork.

Around 11 a.m. on March 3, a husband and wife entered…

Mike Parker: NCDOT should respect hallowed ground — Neuse News