No Room for Dixie! But Feds to Build ‘Ukrainian Independence Park’ in D.C.

Federal Govt to Build ‘Ukrainian Independence Park’ in D.C.

( – Last week’s $1.7-trillion, 4,155-page omnibus bill, which funds our government through September 30, 2023, includes plans for a “Ukrainian Independence Park” in Washington, D.C.  The park’s alleged purpose is to inform Americans about “the solidarity between the people of Ukraine and the United States.

”Located under “Title VII – Commemorative Works and National Memorials,” of the Omnibus bill is Section 710, “Designation of Ukrainian Independence Park.”

The legislation allocates a 0.35 acre plot in the District of Columbia to serve as the new “Ukrainian Independence Park.” 

The bill allows for “signs” to be added to the park “that include information on the importance of the independence, freedom, and sovereignty of Ukraine…

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