On Rejecting the Woke Nashville Music Scene

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Country music star John Rich says that woke culture has infected the country music industry
Country music singer John Rich discusses his number one hit song, ‘Progress,’ and how woke the country music world has become.

(Just the News) Country music singer John Rich says that he has fallen out of favor with the leaders of the country music industry since the release of his hit song, "Progress."
"I don’t have the backing of of the country music industry really much anymore," John Rich said on the Tuesday edition of the "Just the News, No Noise" TV show. "And that’s okay. I would rather have my freedom of speech than their approval any day of the week."
In July of 2022, Rich released his hit song, "Progress," which was number one in the music industry for 12 days. According to Rich, he wrote the song based on all of his frustrations of what has been happening in the country for the past two years.
"I would not call that gas price progress," Rich said. "I would not call the grocery prices progress. I would not call fentanyl in all of our neighborhoods progress. I would not call the border being wide open progress."…Read the rest