Phantom Soldiers from a Phantom Country

(Identity Dixie) What do you do if you want to rewrite the history books to remove anything or anyone you disagree with? First, you brand those in opposition to you as traitors to your agenda. Having done that, you then take the next step, which is to totally remove them from the history books and shove them down George Orwell’s “Memory Hole.” Out of sight, out of mind, you reason. Future generations must not be aware of these people or the causes they stood for because, after all, you disagree with them, and so they need to disappear.

This is being done in this country to a large degree regarding the War of Northern Aggression aka the “Civil War.” Those that are doing this are the heirs of the French Revolution. That war was this country’s French Revolution – and we have yet to recover from it. If we continue in our present direction, we never will – and the radical socialists and communists will have won.

I received two letters from good friends who are Southern patriots this week. Interestingly, both are from Oklahoma, though I doubt these two know one another. One dealt with the expunging of all things Confederate from West Point – all memorabilia, statues, plaques, anything that honors or mentions anyone Confederate. That would have to include Robert E. Lee, who served as superintendent of West Point for a period of time. So, what do you do with the history of West Point while General Lee ran it? You just ignore that. As far as you are concerned, that never happened. So, the Deep State socialists, after…

Phantom Soldiers from a Phantom Country – Identity Dixie