Plan to rename Robert E. Lee Bridge in Richmond withdrawn

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Plan to rename Robert E. Lee Bridge is withdrawn

(Richmond Times Dispatch) It’ll be back to square one for Richmond Councilwoman Stephanie Lynch’s hopes of renaming the Robert E. Lee Memorial Bridge.
Lynch had hoped to recharge a stalled effort with a proposal to call the span the Belvidere Bridge, after the street that meets its northern side.
“That’s what a lot of people call it anyway,” she said.
And when she learned that “belvidere” can be translated as “beautiful view,” she thought she had a winner, after her resolution from two years ago to launch a community process to find a new name came to naught during the pandemic.
But she’s heard — not directly and not from anyone in her district, which reaches both ends of the bridge linking Oregon Hill with South Richmond — that the Belvidere name is stirring controversy….
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