Preserve the Bastrop, Texas Monuments

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What’s the latest with the Confederate monuments in Bastrop County?

(KXAN) BASTROP COUNTY, Texas (KXAN) — There are still Confederate monuments at the Bastrop County courthouse, and residents have split opinions on what should happen to them.
Just over two years ago, County Commissioners approved moving the two monuments, with private funding that was raised. However, the monuments still sit on the grounds of the courthouse.
Commissioners discussed a capital improvement project during a meeting Monday to pay for items including refurbishing the old jail to eventually become a museum. That discussion included talk about putting the monuments there, though Bastrop County officials pointed out to KXAN that there is nothing in the jail refurbishment plan regarding moving or storing monuments, and they don’t know why everyone showed up today.
Refurbishment would also take time, and money that still hasn’t been secured.
Residents at the meeting were split on what to do with the monuments in the meantime…Read the rest