Racist anti-Monument Smear Screened in Edenton, NC

(anti-Southern Bigots love to whoop out this piece of trash to fire up their constituency. Can’t believe they included a photo of the packed fouse of 33 to see it on the tiny screens. Several of those were reported to have out of state plates on their cars. – DD)
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Monument film screened in Edenton

(Daily Advance) Over the weekend, a community event was held at Providence Baptist Church in Edenton to showcase a documentary on the removal of Confederate monuments.
The event, coordinated between the local Move the Monument Coalition, the ACLU of North Carolina and the North Carolina Commission on Racial and Ethnic Disparities (NC CRED), aimed to welcome in community members from all walks of life to learn more about the history of Confederate statues in the South and why some say they should be brought down…
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