Remember when they said flags belonged in museums and monuments belonged in cemeteries? Woman wants to remove Confederate statute from Liberty (MO) cemetery

(Every once in a while it pays too showcase the kind of anti-Southern hatred there is out there. This poor lass is triggered by a monument in a cemetery in Liberrty, Missouri. That’s in Clay County. home of the Jameses, Youngers, and many other Southern soldiers. Remember back when these Libtards said that flags belonged in a museum and memorials in a cemetery? They’ll never be satisfied. Even if all monuments and flags disappeared tommorow it wouldn’t be enough for these fanatics. Their hatred knows no limits – DD)

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Remove Confederate statute from Liberty cemetery

(The Courier Tribune) Growing up in Liberty, I was frightened by a ghost story about the tallest monument in Fairview Cemetery, an obelisk topped by an armed Confederate soldier who was said to turn his head in the dead of night.

The legend hints at the silent threat that issues from the soldier’s rifle-guarded position of dominance, rising 20 feet in the air on a plinth etched with a Confederate flag. Since its installation in 1904, the Confederate memorial has tried to intimidate Liberty’s African American citizens with the visual admonition to “watch your step.” Adding insult to historic injury, the soldier’s presence is a traumatic reminder of both past wrongs and present injustice, for he embodies an ideology that justified the enslavement of almost 4 million souls. Why should he occupy an elevated place of honor in a public graveyard in 2023?

Although some white residents see the monument as historically valuable, learning about history in context is not the same as allowing

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