Stone Mountain Park relocates Confederate flags ahead of holiday

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More than 3 million people visit Stone Mountain Park every year and traffic spikes during patriotic holidays like Memorial Day.

(Atlanta Journal Constitution) Four Confederate flags that flew for about 60 years at the base of a popular Stone Mountain Park walk-up trail have been moved ahead of the busy Memorial Day weekend.

The flags were transferred Tuesday within the Stone Mountain site to Valor Park, an alcove at the base of a giant carving of Confederate leaders in granite on the mountain’s northern face. The carving ― the world’s largest Confederate monument ― is not visible from the base of the trail, and now, neither are the flags.

“This is a great way to start the weekend,” said Brian Morris, a member of the Stone Mountain Action Coalition, which has pushed for reforms at the park and protested Confederate Memorial Day ceremonies there.

The Stone Mountain Memorial Association, the state authority that manages the park, decided to move the flags two years ago and since then has been criticized for the delay. Bill Stephens, the association’s CEO, said it took some time to prepare the area where the flags were relocated. The move had also been on hold while the association switched private management partners for

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