Stone Mountain’s cemetery flag saga continues

(Can’t fly a flag on your own property. Total PC BS! – DD)

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(Decaturish) The Sons of the Confederate Veterans presented new evidence to the Stone Mountain city council on June 6 about the Confederate flag that was raised at 1025 Silver Hill Road.

The flag has since been taken down by an unknown party, but the focus has shifted to the legal status of the flagpole.

Currently, there is a flag pole located on grounds made up of four burial plots in the city cemetery that are owned by the Sons of Confederate Veterans Organization.

The director of litigation for the Georgia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans spoke about a previous court case dated back to March 2002 referencing this same flag pole. The lawsuit was presented as if the Sons of Confederate Veterans had sued the city and won the right to keep the flag in place when in fact, the court actually ruled that the Sons of Confederate Veterans had…

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