Texas Drought Reveals Amazing Dinosaur Tracks in Riverbed

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(Daily Beast) A historic Texas drought has unveiled a secret planted in a local riverbed 113 million years ago—a perfect impression of a dinosaur footprint. The scene is straight out of Jurassic Park, with a line of three-toed prints leading into a pool of receding water. The tracks are only visible due to the extreme heat and lack of rain, which has caused the Paluxy River to shrivel up, leaving some areas completely exposed for the first time in years. The two dino culprits are believed to be either Acrocanthosaurus or Sauroposeidon, two monoliths that have left lots of tracks in other areas of Dinosaur Valley State Park. “Most tracks that have recently been uncovered and discovered at different parts of the river in the park belong to Acrocanthosaurus,” a park spokesperson told
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