Texas Still Celebrates Confederate Heroes Day, For Good Reason

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(Texian Partisan) January 19 is celebrated in Texas as “Confederate Heroes Day.”  For many of us, we can observe MLK day and Confederate Heroes Day in the same week in good conscience.

I have a friend who is employed by the state of Texas.  Every year this same week, he jokes about getting paid holidays for Martin Luther King Day and Confederate Heroes day, saying “I don’t even have to pick a side!”  My friend’s joke is lame, but he’s right.  Texans can celebrate both days in good conscience. 

 Dr. King by all accounts advanced the cause of racial justice, and is rightly honored for his work.  There have also been allegations of sexual misconduct by Dr. King.  Do moral failures in one area erase progress in another?  Apparently not for Dr. King, who is remembered more for his work than for his transgressions. 

Only a fool would deny that slavery was an important issue in the Civil War.  It is mentioned in the various states’ secession documents as a primary cause.  No modern person would say that slavery was “good” or even “acceptable” by today’s standards.  In hindsight, the American system of…

Texas Still Celebrates Confederate Heroes Day, For Good Reason | Texian Partisan