The Big Lies We Cannot Question

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Partisan journalists claim to be concerned about “mass lying.” But their ideological bias prevents them from questioning the lies they believe.

(Patriot Post) It’s no secret to most conservatives that the Leftmedia lies. The biggest threat now is not so much their lies but their power to suppress the free speech of their political opponents simply because they disagree. Edward Ring of American Greatness takes this on.
First, he quotes a journalist who worries, “It was bad enough when we had a lying POTUS but it is now clear that it’s become a political tactic of a large part of one of our main political parties.” Clearly, Ring notes, this journalist is “obviously referring to the Republicans and obviously blind to the lies promulgated by the Democrats.”
The biggest lie allegedly spread by Republicans, now called “The Big Lie,” is to claim the 2020 election was illegitimate. But even if the 2020 election was not compromised due to a relentlessly hostile and partisan media, endless political persecution designed to damage Donald Trump’s reelection campaign, voting rules that were violated and manipulated in swing states, Zuckerbucks, and possibly much more, this assertion still isn’t a Republican “lie.” …Read the rest