They Want Absolute Victory

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(Identity Dixie) Reading the history of the United States in the late 1960s and early 1970s is fascinating for a number of reasons, but one reason that particularly stands out is just how close the period came to being completely disastrous. It was an era of high crimes rates, assassinations, and riots. The fact that it all came right after the optimism of the post-World War II era, putting an end to the “Second Era of Good Feelings,” was shocking, really world-shattering to the people who lived through it. It really is no wonder that the politics of the era continued to resonate for decades. But with all that being said, and for everything that happened, the Unites States never fell into a full bore, Spanish Civil War-style conflict. Several times throughout the time period it looked as if it could have easily happened.

The reasons as to why this never occurred are, as it often the case with history, multicausal. But one reason stands out and will be the subject of this article – both the Left and the Right were allowed to have significant victories, thereby defusing some of the tensions of the era. Some of the Left’s victories can be directly attributed to Richard Nixon. Perhaps the single greatest explanation why the Vietnam War protests became as violent as they did was…

They Want Absolute Victory – Identity Dixie