Who cares what the ABA thinks? Resolution sparks renewed focus on Confederate monuments

(Hack Libtard Lawyers will be Hack Libtard Lawyers – DD)

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(AL.Com) Earlier this month the American Bar Association urged state and local governments to remove Confederate memorabilia and other symbols from courthouses.

It’s being met with skepticism in deeply conservative Alabama, where 180 live memorials to the Confederacy still exist including nearly two dozen at county courthouses.

The ABA resolution could spark renewed attention on the existence of Confederate monuments and images near the halls of justice.

“These racist relics do not accurately reflect our shared American experience and, most importantly, promote the exact opposite of what equal justice should look like,” said Tafeni English-Relf, director of the Montgomery-based Southern Poverty Law Center’s Alabama State Office.

Critics are dismissing the ABA’s resolution, and the organization itself as having a left-leaning bent on highly-charge cultural issues like gun control, abortion, and same-sex marriage.

Representatives with the Sons of Confederate Veterans also blast further pursuits to have Confederate images removed in Alabama as a waste of taxpayers’ money. They also claim they have the law on their side: The Alabama Memorial Preservation Act, approved in 2017, making it illegal for anyone to remove or alter…

A battle at the Alabama courthouse: Resolution sparks renewed focus on Confederate monuments – al.com