‘Wrong’ display of Texas pride might draw the FBI’s attention

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(Fort Bend Herald) During a U.S. Senate hearing last week, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz grilled FBI Director Christopher Wray about an FBI training material that presents the current use of time-honored patriotic symbols and phrases as evidence of violent militia extremism.
In particular, Cruz cited a certain symbol and phrase from the FBI material well known to Texans: a long black cannon, accompanied by the phrase “Come and take it.”
The first armed conflict of the Texas Revolution was between Mexican troops and residents of Gonzales over the town’s determination to keep the field piece once loaned to it by Mexico.
The cannon image and the taunt were displayed on a flag carried by the Texans, who prevailed in the skirmish.
“I will self-report right now that every day in the Senate I wear my boots that have the Gonzales battle flag on the back of them,” Cruz declared as he slammed one of his boots on the desk.
The Senate hearing was prompted by a leaked FBI document that listed numerous historically patriotic…
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