Youngkin’s pick for Virginia’s historic resources board resigns after comments on Confederate statues, slave ry

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RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — A historian appointed to the Virginia Board of Historic Resources by Gov. Glenn Youngkin has resigned from the board following controversial comments she made about Confederate statues, the Civil War and slavery.
Ann McLean, a historian in Richmond and former head of a Christian school, was picked by Youngkin in July to join the board. In a radio interview last year, McLean defended Confederate statues’ place in Virginia and criticized the efforts to bring them down.
“I think that the Southerners knew that their story of why they fought the Civil War was not being told correctly,” McLean told radio host John Reid on WRVA radio last December. “Fake news, or false narratives, are not new, and this whole tragedy is that these statues were built to tell the true story of the American South to people 500 years from now.
“But we have forces right here 150 years later that want to destroy the evidence of that story, and you know, the fight for sovereignty of each state.”
After she was announced as one of Youngkin’s picks for the state board, McLean returned to Reid’s radio show…

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