YouTube’s Double Standard

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(Michael Swartz, Patriot Post) Now that Twitter has been outed as a repository for left-wing bias thanks to the overtones toward more free speech exhibited in anticipation of still-prospective owner Elon Musk, we can take a moment to shift the focus to YouTube, thanks to some recent news and commentary on the platform’s leanings.
Last Tuesday, it was learned that podcast host Jacob Kersey had a video of a 2021 podcast featuring election expert Hans von Spakovsky pulled from YouTube, with a claim that it “had been removed from the platform for violating the platform’s ‘misinformation’ policy surrounding the 2020 presidential election.” However, whether it was the initial outcry or from YouTube having second thoughts, the video was restored two days later. Was it really misinformation? You be the judge — a transcript of the podcast is attached to coverage by The Daily Signal. Either way, Spakovsky is a leading authority in the field…
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