Vandalism isn’t pretty…

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Man arrested after Johnny Cash water tower springs inappropriate leak

A water tower mural of Johnny Cash in his hometown of Kingsland, Arkansas, started urinating on those below after being shot by a vandal

(Classic Rock) A man has been arrested in Johnny Cash’s hometown of Kingsland, Arkansas, after shooting a hole in a water tower adorned by a mural of the country music legend, making it appear as if Cash was urinating on those below.

Local news channel Fox 16 reports that a sharpshooter took aim at Cash’s crotch, causing damage to the tower and a leak that was losing the town 30,000 gallons of water per day.

Kingsland mayor Luke Neal reports that repair work has started, with the tower drained and local supplies switching to well water. Neil has warned local residents that their water may be discoloured while the repair – estimated to cost $5000 – is being completed…. Read the rest at Classic Rock