Another Media Hate Hoax Goes Without Consequence

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University ‘unable to verify’ black student’s claim white students dumped water on her

(The College Fix) News outlet based allegation on social media posts
There is no proof that a black female student had water thrown at her by white students using racial slurs, a Sam Houston State University spokesperson told The College Fix on Wednesday.
In mid-September, a Fox News affiliate reported that “online posts show students reported another Black female student was targeted by a group of white students near the student center.”
“With regards to the conduct reported via social media to university officials on September 22, no report was filed with SHSU University Police Department,” media representative Stephanie Knific told The Fix in a statement. “UPD did investigate the social media claim, but has been unable to verify that the incident occurred.”
Furthermore, there is no evidence that a police report was ever filed…Read the rest