cnn finds racism in the Pearl River flood. How deep did they dive?

(When you scream Wolf with every breath, it tends to make people ignore REAL issues – DD)
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CNN Reveals What They Believe Is Responsible For Mississippi Water Crisis; It’s Even Dumber Than You Think

(Trending Politics) You know, we’ve seen some actual, somewhat decent reporting coming from CNN over the course of the last month or so as the network is going through a restructuring phase due to new leadership. In fact, for a brief moment, it almost seemed like there might be hope for CNN losing all of the radical leftism and becoming a regular news outlet again. Well, it seems old habits die hard.
Yes, CNN is back to being utterly insane once again, saying that the reason for the water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi is due to, and I kid you not, “systemic and environmental racism.” This is both absurd and absolutely bonkers. How do sane, supposedly well-educated individuals, actually say this stuff on national television with a straight face?
According to the Daily Wire, “Multiple water pumps at the O.B. Curtis Water Treatment Plant failed last week after severe storms caused the Pearl River to flood,..Read the rest