Corporations That Support The Riots And Want You Dead

Ashley Rae Goldenberg on VDARE

“Be Brave. Do Something.”

These are the words of James O’Keefe and his incredible Project Veritas.

Ashley Rae Goldenberg, AKA Communism Kills on Twitter, was until recently employed by the Capital Research Center. She was then and still is a brave journalist/researcher, who dared advocate for truth and honesty in all aspects of her reporting.

She was brave, and for doing something running against Conservatism Inc., she was purged.

But she hasn’t stopped heeding the words of O’Keefe and the mantra guiding not only his organization, but what should become the rallying cry for all of those who hold dear the Historic America Nation.

She compiled a list of all the corporations/companies that have put out statements in honor of the Black Lives Matter/Antifa riots on behalf of career criminal (perpetually turning his life around) George Floyd.

Read the rest: “Here Are The Companies That Support Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and Want You Dead”