“Coup” Means Whatever the Regime Wants It to Mean

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(Mises Wire) In the immediate aftermath of the January 6 riot at the US Capitol, many pundits and politicians were eager to describe the events of that day as a coup d’état in which the nation was “this close” to having some sort of junta void the 2020 election and take power in Washington.
The headlines at the time were unambiguous in their assertions that the riot was a coup or attempted coup. For example, the riot was “A Very American Coup,” according to a headline at the New Republic. “This Is a Coup,” insisted a writer at Foreign Policy. The Atlantic presented photos purported to be “Scenes from an American Coup.”
This general tactic has not changed since then. Just this month, for example, Vanity Fair referred to the January 6 riots as “Trump’s Attempted Coup” Last month, Vox called it “Trump’s Cuckoo Coup.” Moreover, anti-Trump politicians have repeatedly referred to the riot as a coup, and “attempted coup” has become the standard the January 6 panel’s standard term of choice… Read the Rest