‘Diversity’ Failed to Save Europe

(I drove by one of those uber-stooopid ‘Diversity is Salvation’ billboards not to long ago. They can display such blasphemy and stupidity freely, claiming free speech. However, there is something wrong with us honoring our ancestors with a monument? Any wonder France is in flames! Just like during the numerous mostly-peaceful protests we’ve had recently, people should ask, ‘How’s all that DIVERSITY working out for you?’ – DD)

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France in Flames. Leftist Dogma to Blame.

(AMERIKA) – As modern people, we are robots: we take instructions, deduct from them what is permissible, find the overlap with what we want, rationalize it according to the highest instructions we can find, and then hope that the system blesses us with acceptance of our pursuits of our desires.

This means that we follow precedent cascades. For example, if a society assumes equality as a value, any action which can be plausibly said to increase equality is viewed as the highest good, so people are programmed to make all of their activities seem like they advance equality.

When we robots encounter a crash, or paradoxical instructions, we simply double down. Whatever creates equality will be rewarded by others, even if incoherent or destructive, and in fact especially so, since incoherence and destruction further break down resistance to equality.

This means that when we are racing toward a brick wall…

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