“Diversity Is Strength” Mantra in Our Failing Military

(Government supremacists love slogans. However, slogans don’t reflect reality and make even worse policies – DD)
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‘Diversity Is Our Strength,’ They Lied
When you build a military for any reason other than winning wars, you place the safety and liberty of the nation at risk

(American Conservative) Above, a former Special Forces soldier who transitioned — watch his story here. Transitioning to a more diverse military is the future of the US armed forces, according to its leaders. From a Military Times story about the future of Special Operations:
The days of the burly, bearded dude in Oakleys as the face of special operations might be waning. Special operations forces need a different focus, the director of strategy, plans and policy for Special Operations Command Central said Monday.
While there is a place for the door-kicker aesthetic, she added, “the people, and the mindset, and the creativity that we’re trying to recruit right now is much different than that.”
Part of that might look like more of a focus on the civil affairs and psychological operations parts of SOCOM…
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