Firearm Friday – Geezers, Guns, and Hearing

(Protect that hearing or you will miss it. Or worse, hear that unceasing racket of tinnitus, an affliction I share with the author. – DD)

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Dixie Drudge!

(Charlie Melton, The Hometown Register) – I was practicing my marksmanship the other day, such that it is now. I used to be able to hit the broad side of a barn with my pistol at 20 paces. Now, we’re going to need a bigger barn. But that’s not really the point today. The point is hearing.

I have tinnitus. Sometimes, it sounds like a large dog barking in my left ear. I guess you could call it Rin-Tin-Tinnitus. Anyway, I got the tinnitus from shooting my pistol without hearing protection. It was an oversight that’s driving me nuts.

It reminds me of Uncle Paul. He was an old man with extremely high-waist pants and suspenders, all topped off with a Fedora. Uncle Paul was a World War I veteran, and was deaf as a stone. Even though hearing protection was invented in the 1800s, either he didn’t use it, or it was ineffective. I remember he had hearing aids, but I’m not sure they worked. He did have good war stories, which I wish I’d have listened more intently to. He also had cherry cough drops he’d pass out to us kids. I’m currently like Uncle Paul.

I guess Uncle Paul and I share tender ears, but…

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