How Twitter fueled the Black Lives Matter movement

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(Phys.Org) A new study from The Australian National University (ANU) shows how Twitter helped shape the Black Lives Matter movement.
Lead researcher Professor Colin Klein said the immediacy of the social media platform allowed it to play a crucial role in spreading information and organizing protests. It also become an important platform for right-wing reactions.
The analysis of more than 118 million tweets in 2020 and 2021 saw three distinct groups emerge on Twitter: right-leaning, center-left, and left-wing activists.
These groups differed not only in the content they were sharing and the language they were using, but also in how long their tweets continued to gain traction.
"Content coming from the cluster of activist accounts spiked the highest in terms of reactions, but it also decayed the quickest," Professor Klein said.
"Whereas the right-wing tweets tended not to spike as high, but they also decayed much more slowly—you get a much more sustained response.
"This is similar to what researchers have found in the wake of say a mass shooting in the U.S…Read the rest