It’s Total Devastation!

Portions of Mississippi are now just dots on a map

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(Clarion Ledger) Victoria Garland of Onward, along with her husband, Thomas, was in Rolling Fork until the early hours this morning doing what she could do to help. Although it was dark, what she could see painted a grim picture.

“It’s really bad in town,” Garland said. “It’s total devastation.

“A lot we could see was gone. The skyline you grew up with your whole life is gone. The businesses we rely on are gone. We’re definitely in shock.”

Garland said numerous businesses were destroyed in Rolling Fork including an animal shelter where she said something just shy of a miracle happened.

“The animal shelter was hit, but three dogs survived,” she said. “I don’t know how. To find a live dog was unbelievable. It’s just unreal.”

According to city officials, there are 18 confirmed casualties in Rolling Fork alone, with an unconfirmed number of people missing.

Fire and rescue crews from across the state have come to the area to provide assistance, including from the Jackson metro area…

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