Mississippi alligator stomach contained 6,000-year-old arrowhead

Mississippi wildlife processor made a startling discovery when he found that an alligator was carrying around a 6,000-year-old artifact in its stomach.

Shane Smith, a deer processor and owner of Red Antler Processing, took a look at the 13-foot alligator’s stomach after hearing about a processor in South Carolina who discovered unusual items in another gator. What he found blew him away: an arrowhead and a plummet.

Smith first thought that the alligator could have eaten an arrow that someone shot at it, but the plummet helped him realize that it was likely something just laying around that the gator ate u. A Mississippi state geologist examined a photo of the arrowhead and determined it was between 5,000 and 6,000 years old.

Source: Mississippi alligator contained 6,000-year-old artifact in stomach | Fox News