MS Darth Cheney, Jr: Incredible Blinding Hatred and Jealousy

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Cheney, facing near certain defeat in Wyoming’s GOP primary, eyes bigger battle ahead
Cheney said in recent weeks that making sure Trump never regains the presidency is more important than her own re-election

( Clearly something missing in the Character and Common Sense department. Maybe a side-order of Narcissism and Sociopathy. That’s common in Washington. I wouldn’t go hunting with Liz any more than I would go hunting with her Dad. He needs muzzle discipline. She just needs a Muzzle. – DD)
(FOX) Embattled Republican Rep. Liz Cheney, in her closing message to Wyoming voters ahead of the state’s Tuesday primary, once again spotlighted her mission to make sure that former President Donald Trump never returns to the White House.
"America cannot remain free if we abandon the truth. The lie that 2020 presidential election was stolen is insidious. It preys on those who love their country. It is a door Donald Trump opened to manipulate Americans to abandon their principles, to sacrifice their freedom, to justify violence, to ignore the rulings of our courts and the rule of law," the three-term conservative congresswoman emphasized at the top of a video her campaign released Thursday…Read the Rest