The Media Hates You. Quit Paying It for the Privilege.

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(Lincoln Brown, PJ Media) I may sound like a bit of a poser here, but I’ve reached the blessed point in my life where I am old enough not to care about other people’s opinions. Years ago, we ditched TV. I keep one in my study that I turn on now and then to watch the news while I write, just to make sure that I am not missing anything of alleged import. But beyond that, sitcoms, game shows, sports, and reality TV don’t usually make it into our home.
I’ll admit that some people think we are weird, but to be honest, it saves a little money and doesn’t support a system that is designed to destroy people like me and probably you, too. I do have to confess that I did watch the last Super Bowl at our local restaurant/watering hole since I am from near Cincinnati and the Bengals were playing. That probably won’t happen again in my lifetime.
Although Disney has been outed as a leftist tool in recent years,..Read the rest