Wanting attention and validation UT Arlington Bigots want wrong building renamed

(Stoopid kids will act like stooopid kids. Pay them some attention while they’re at home and maybe they won’t act a fool at college – DD)
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UTA students continue to push for renaming two buildings with ties to racism, segregation
A committee tasked in 2018 with looking into the past of one of the building’s namesakes found no evidence to warrant changes, officials said.

(Dallas Morning News) University of Texas at Arlington senior Kenzaria Atkins remembers learning during her freshman year that it’s considered good luck to rub the bust of former campus President Ernest H. Hereford.
It was only until recently that Atkins, a biology major who is also vice president of the Black Student Alliance, learned about racist activities that took place during his tenure. Skits during events involving students in blackface and Confederate symbols were common at the university.
“It’s really uncomfortable for Black students or minority students,” said Atkins, 21. “This is the 21st century … there should be no reason that that guy is still a big thing on campus.”…
(And in a couple of semesters you won’t be either – DD)
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