A Constitutional Convention Would Open Pandora’s Box

(Kinda hard to imagine that a constitutional convention run by the same kind of hacks that ignore the current constitution would turn out well – DD)

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(Chronicles Magazine) – The push for a constitutional convention under Article V of the U.S. Constitution is gathering momentum on the right and the left, with potentially catastrophic or even deadly consequences for what remains of the greatest republic in human history. The red flags are everywhere. And the future of Americans’ God-given rights hangs in the balance.

Right now, the Constitution is still technically the “supreme Law of the Land,” as Article VI makes clear. Every public official swears an oath—usually with a hand on the Bible—to uphold and defend it. That means much of the lawless behavior coming from the federal government that has so outraged Americans of all political persuasions is unconstitutional and illegitimate.

The forces responsible for the escalating unconstitutional abuse of America know full well their lawless schemes are not authorized by the charter that created the federal government. Therefore, they are champing at the bit to change it—or even trash it—and forever burn the bridge that could lead the United States back to the liberty, prosperity, and peace made possible by that precious Constitution for well over two centuries.

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