A Deranged Stalker Broke In to RFK Jr’s House Wednesday; When Will Kennedy Get Secret Service Protection?

(He won’t. The swamp wants him to goes the way of his uncle and his dad – DD)

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(Red State) – Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has experienced more security incidents than any candidate this cycle, probably because he has yet to be afforded Secret Service protection. A little over a month ago, an armed man impersonated a U.S. Marshal and infiltrated one of his campaign events in Los Angeles, not far from the place where RFK Jr’s father was assassinated. Even after that incident, the Biden administration refused calls for Secret Service protection for the candidate.

Then, a mentally ill person made it to the 2nd floor of Kennedy’s Los Angeles-area residence before being apprehended.

On Wednesday he experienced yet another security incident, where a deranged stalker who’s known to law enforcement climbed the fence at Kennedy’s home was arrested. The man was immediately released, then went back to Kennedy’s residence, climbed the fence again, and was apprehended and arrested again…

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