America’s 2024 Voting Machines Won’t Be Federally Certified

(I can see it both ways and am not sure this is a ‘bad’ thing. The only sure ballot is paper with a chain of custody. And even that hasn’t been sure in the past. As Stalin said, it is not who votes but who counts the votes…- DD)

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(The National Pulse) – Voting machines will not meet new federal standards in time for the 2024 election, and election officials are “freaking out”. Voting system guidelines will be updated on November 15th 2023, but few if any state election officials are updating their systems to meet them, with machines certified under the current “deprecated” standard remaining in use.

“The [federal government] must be unambiguous: voting systems certified to the [old standard] will remain federally certified after November 15th, 2023, and jurisdictions can continue using and purchasing those systems consistent with state or territorial laws and regulations,” the National Association of State Election Directors (NASED) have demanded in a letter to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC). They fear skeptics of the machines will question the 2024 election due to machines only being certified to the old standard.

Ph.D. scientists recently exposed a host of “critical vulnerabilities” in voting machines, but officials such as Brad Raffensperger, Georgia’s Secretary of State, are refusing to address them in time for 2024, telling experts with concerns “tough noogies”.

Some officials, like…

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