Another Dem thumb on the scale job! DOJ Targets Jim Justice’s Coal Empire As Western Virginia Governor Readies Senate Bid

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(Daily Wire) The Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against Republican West Virginia Governor Jim Justice’s coal empire on Wednesday, accusing it of possessing millions in unpaid civil penalties.

The lawsuit targets 13 coal businesses owned or operated by the Justice family, as well as the governor’s adult son. The Republican governor is the leading candidate to take on Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin in 2024.

“[T]he total amount of the penalties and [Abandoned Mine Land] fees, plus interest, penalties and administrative expenses, owed by the defendants is approximately $7.6 million,” the DOJ said in a statement.

“Over a five-year period, defendants engaged in over 130 violations of federal law, thereby posing health and safety risks to the public and the environment,” U.S. Attorney Christopher R. Kavanaugh for the Western District of Virginia said. “After given notice, they then failed to remedy those violations and were ordered over 50 times to cease mining activities until their violations were abated. Today, the filing of this complaint continues the process of…

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