Demoncrats are taking us to mob rule

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(Washington Times) “Mobocracy” is a word that should inspire fear. Increasingly, however, it’s a reality of life in 21st-century America. Regardless of the outcome of elections, Democrats intend to use the mob to retain and expand their power.

The following happened in roughly the space of a week.

President Biden invited three Tennessee state legislators, two of them expelled by their colleagues, to the White House to celebrate their alleged courage and decry their supposed victimization. The former consisted of the trio taking over the well of the Tennessee House chamber and leading chants to encourage the mob, which had invaded the body, demanding more gun control after the mass shooting at a Nashville Christian school. The perpetrator, shot dead by police, has been described as transgender.

Contrast Mr. Biden’s embrace of leaders of the Tennessee mob with Democrats’ exaggerated outrage over Jan. 6. When it’s against the interests of the Democratic Party, it’s an insurrection. When it furthers its interests, it’s a peaceful protest in defense of democratic values.

Within days of the mob action in Tennessee, an antifa/Black Lives Matter gang shut down a speech by Kristan Hawkins — leader of Students for Life of America — at Virginia…

Democrats are taking us to mob rule – Washington Times