Dems push to lower voting age to 16

(With education today most won’t be able to read the ballot – DD)
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Democrats push to lower voting age to 16
The nationwide campaign is gaining momentum, especially at the local level.

(Just the News) The Democrat-led movement to lower the legal voting age to 16 — or in some cases even younger — is gaining momentum nationwide, scoring local victories while winning the support of lawmakers and activists on the political left.
The campaign’s latest win came in Boston, where the City Council on Wednesday approved a petition allowing 16- and 17-year-old residents to vote in municipal elections.
The petition will now be sent to the Massachusetts Legislature for approval, which isn’t guaranteed. Several other towns and cities in Massachusetts have voted for similar proposals, which then failed to pass the state House.
Progressive members of the City Council argued that lowering the voting age would help young people build …Read the rest