DeSantis Campaign Hemorrhaging

(Let me say for the record that I like DeSantis. I wish no ill on him or anyone else, but his cozying up to the bushites, one-worlders, and governmnet-supremacists is cause for concern – DD)

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DeSantis Sheds Staff Amidst Cash Crunch, Poor Polling.

(National Pulse) – Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis has fired a number of his staff due to his struggling presidential campaign failing to meet fundraising goals, as well as burning through inordinate amounts of large, corporate donor cash less than two months after he announced that he was running for the Republican presidential nomination.

The news came just days after National Pulse Editor-in-Chief predicted the “shake up” on The Campaign Trail podcast as well as on Twitter:

Another major revelation is that just 15 percent of the DeSantis campaign’s donations came from “small-dollar donors,” compared to former president Donald Trump, who is heavily reliant on smaller donations from his fanbase. Instead, DeSantis has relied upon donors with international corporate interests, such as Morteza “Mori” Hosseini, who has bankrolled Nancy Pelosi and supported the Obamas, and globalists like Howard Cox, who served on a World Economic Forum board alongside Klaus Schwab.

Much of the internal campaign frustration has been aimed at…

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