DeSantis Targets ‘Cultural Marxism,’ Vows ‘War on Woke’ at Liberty University

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(Epoch Times) Fresh off signing a six-week abortion ban into law the day before, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis vowed to continue fighting the “war on woke” to about 9,000 students before receiving an honorary degree of the Doctorate of Humanities at Liberty University on Friday.

Speaking to young evangelicals at the twice-weekly convocation service, which the school calls “the world’s largest gathering of Christian students,” DeSantis touted Florida as the “refuge of sanity” and “a ray of hope” when “freedom and our very own way of life… withered on the vine” in the country.

In his view, Florida’s population growth and his landslide reelection victory last year are a direct result of his fight against woke ideology—what he called “cultural Marxism”—and Americans “voting with their feet.”

“We have made Florida the state where woke goes to die,” he declared as the audience burst into a loud cheer.

His statements against gender ideology—prohibiting using puberty blockers or sex change operations on minors in Florida and criticizing biological males competing in women’s sports—were also well-received…

DeSantis Targets ‘Cultural Marxism,’ Vows ‘War on Woke’ at Liberty University