DeSantis’s Yale Fundraiser Hosted by Top Bush Allies.

(I liked DeSantis a lot until I learned how much he likes hanging with the Bushites. What next? Maybe RINO Liz for his running mate? – DD)

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(National Pulse) – Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis is raising money at a $6,600-a-head luncheon at the Yale Club in New York, hosted by former George W. Bush administration officials including William Heyman and Nick Sinatra.

Heyman, formerly of Citigroup, was appointed director of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC) by Bush, and sits on a Federal Reserve Bank of New York committee and the neocon Council on Foreign Relations. Sinatra, a real estate developer, was an associate political director at the Bush White House.

DeSantis’s fundraising in New York is not just controversial for his association with these “GOP throwbacks”, as POLITICO describes them. He also ruffled feathers by not bothering to inform local party activists of his plans.

“While we understand communication can sometimes be difficult, we nevertheless think that communication is necessary,” said local chairman Lawrence Garvey, further noting he was “disappointed” by the lack of an apology from DeSantis or his team once after activists made them aware of their unhappiness.

High-handed behaviour from the DeSantis camp has caused friction with local activists before this incident, with an unnecessary fight with…

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