Ex-CIA Explains the Dangers of Free Speech

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This Is CNN: Ex-CIA Wonk Explains the Dangers of Free Speech
(PJ Media) What do Leftists, those stalwart defenders of “our democracy,” really think about our Constitutional freedoms? We got a bracing insight into that question on CNN Friday, when ex-CIA analyst and current CNN intelligence and security analyst Robert Baer explained to the easy marks who still take CNN seriously how very dangerous it is that Elon Musk is beginning to restore the freedom of speech on Twitter.
Did you guess it already? Baer explained that rolling back Twitter’s usefulness as a tool for the Leftist establishment’s propaganda and allowing dissident voices once again to be heard is just playing into the hands of none other than the archenemy of all that is decent and good, Vladimir Putin. Now do you understand? If the Left loses its hegemony over the American public discourse, Ukrainians will die. That’s what passes for analysis today on CNN, and apparently in the CIA as well; it was the quintessential CNN news feature.
There’s no denying that Robert Baer is heroic: he managed against all odds to keep a straight face as he declared: “Putin is going to be all over Twitter if there’s no regulations on this, fake accounts, spoofed accounts, the rest of it. This is a great opportunity for him. And so when he’s talking about…Read the rest