Is it too late for America? Christian apologist offers blueprint to ‘turn things around’

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‘God can use us, and we must. But we have to be vigilant for truth and courageous’

(FaithWire) – Christian apologist Alex McFarland believes much of the chaos currently unfolding in culture today results from centuries of thinkers aiming at biblical truth.

“The last 223 years could be summarized in the following ways: German liberalism attacked the Bible,” McFarland told CBN’s Faithwire. “Friedrich Schleiermacher said God is not the communicator. Charles Darwin, in 1859, said God is not the creator.”

By the 1920s, he said “postmodernism” emerged as a word, with the concept growing over time. And with other thinkers and ideologies coming into the fold, culture progressively evolved.

“We’ve seen this incremental change,” McFarland said. “If God is not the author of Scripture and the Bible is not a Word from God — if God is not the creator, God is not the ground of moral truth, then we’re living in a world of meaninglessness and nihilism.”…

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