James O’Keefe Uncovers Massive Potential Political Money Laundering to Democrat Campaigns

(The Democrat philosophy on full display, “If you can’t beat ’em, Cheat ’em!” – DD)

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(Red State) James O’Keefe rocked the journalism world when he was ousted from his own media company, Project Veritas, last month amidst tensions with the board of directors. O’Keefe was not down for long, however. In March he launched O’Keefe Media Group (OMG) and on Tuesday the new endeavor scored its first big story.

OMG took a look at Federal Election Commission (FEC) data regarding popular Democrat fundraiser group ActBlue. Their investigation found what O’Keefe calls “a bizarre amount of data” on donation activity from individual donors, particularly senior citizens. According the FEC data, some individuals are recorded as making thousands of donations a year, adding up to huge amounts – $200,000 or more in some cases.

To reiterate, that is not thousands of dollars in donations a year, that is thousands of small donations a year, adding up to tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars under various sole individuals.

Using the publicly available data, O’Keefe headed to Maryland to track down some of the donors from that state and confirm with them if they had indeed been making thousands of small donations a year to ActBlue.

For example, one senior citizen was recorded as making over 1,000 individual donations in the year 2022 for a total of a little over $18,000. That would mean she was donating to ActBlue three times a day for an entire year. When asked if she had purposefully donated so frequently to…

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