Fed Up With RINOs! Nearly three-fourths of GOP voters want Ronna Romney McDaniel Gone

(Just the News) Nearly three-out-of-four GOP voters believe a new chairperson should be elected to the Republican National Committee, reflecting the growing dissatisfaction with Ronna McDaniel’s leadership. 

A Convention of States Action survey conducted by the Trafalgar Group discovered that about 73% of Republican voters said a new person should be elected to lead the RNC this month. While 21% said they were unsure about who the next chair should be, 6% of GOP voters said McDaniel should run for a fourth therm, The Hill reported on Tuesday.

“Voters believe the only way to hold the GOP accountable for its failures is to make way for new leadership,” Convention of States President Mark Meckler said. 

Under McDaniel’s leadership, Republicans lost the House majority in 2018, the Senate, the House and the White House in 2020 and the Senate again in 2022. While Republicans won the House in 2022, the anticipated “red wave” was underwhelming…

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