Nikki Haley And Klaus Schwab

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(Revised History) According to an article on The Gateway Pundit Nikki Haley is one of globalist world economic founder Klaus Schwab’s Young Global Leaders.

Former South Carolina governor and UN ambassador, Haley “has been compromised by Klaus Schwab since 2011 according to National File’s reporting.” Now we know one of the main reasons she was so hot to take the Confederate flag down at the statehouse in Columbia. It went against her One World Government worldview. Oh sure, she wanted to earn brownie points with the Republican Establishment and further her own career, but she had to know that the Confederate flag flew in the face of everything Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum stood for and that such an act would earn Schwab’s approval.

Republican House member Marjorie Taylor Green has labeled Haley as “Bush in Heels” because of her weak stance on the border, immigration, and protecting kids from the transsexual agenda. “Haley’s Marxist agenda and her ties to Schwab are…

Nikki Haley And Klaus Schwab | revisedhistory